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Southern Cross Botswana is supposedly an "independent" financial advisory company, although when you're just offered ONE option...can you really call yourself INDEPENDENT??

I was forced into a VISION savings plan in 2011 for $200 and, when I had a look at charges and read a bit more, I realised that the first two years I'm just paying charges, and probably their commission !! Bunch if policy hawkers if you ask me, nothing more !!!!!

When I took up the issue with the female manager, I was merely told to read the fine print, all good an fine when they coerce you to sign within 3,4 days. I barely had time to read the pamphlets properly. I wanted a savings plan, but now stuck in a 25 year plan, when my friend advised me that multiple plans of 5 or 10 years would've been most cost effective and better for me.

Stay away, very deVere style tactics these baboons employ. I'm not saying its everyone, or the actual product but I guess its the same as many others I've read about. Its obviously just about the commission for these leaches that force you into the longest term possible with clever sales tactics.

Review about: Savings Policy.



Wow, interesting picture none the less Chicago dude, and sure, 'hit me up' !!! lol Just google me, you shall find me.

Gotta admit, THAT is waaaaay funny !!!! :grin :eek

I appreciate the SEO value and all the rest, even from "the beers" people (1st time I see that one!) , big up Richard lol

When you've been doing what I have been doing (not just talking about giving qualified advice) for as LONG as I have been doing it, you will know that these kinds of negative crit is VERY important as it shows people for who they really are, its SO obvious. Google envy ,no?

Then combine that with a certain individual who is constantly checking out my LInkedIn profile (yes I am still no.1 for all my search terms, and you DO know I can tell who looked, right?), it's perhaps a bit freaky, even sad ! :sigh

Blackbeard, I am STRAIGHT my man, happily married. Just let it go already, I like GIRLS. This obsession you have with me HAS to stop.You need to just move on. :cry There-there, I know it's tough, you hand your chance,you can DO it !

A guy like me, owning pages on Google? There's nowhere to hide, and good guys don't need to hide anyway.

As they say, a prophet is rarely welcome in his own town, so the Pharisees are always around.

I'm not in the business to make friends with competitors, LEAST of all disgruntled ex bosses who carries a torch trying to compete with me on things like SEO and goodness knows what els...all in vain ! Like I said, a bit weird ! Perhaps a reason to want to 'blacklist' someone, no?

Let's just say, what I do and the people I associated with in 2010 is POLES apart. It's just in a different league altogether and you can't learn those things on Google or in a few weeks.

For those who WANT to know (and I know Blackbeards ears are itching !!) We have aggressive plans for Africa, Botswana's number is up, and its just great to be involved with a great bunch of people who just makes no apologies for taking over where-ever we go doing things RIGHT.

Put on your big boy pants guys, hold on to your clients.Once people get a sniff of the winds of change, it makes no sense to go back. Its GAME ON !

(and no, I don't fly to Chicago to quickly post a comment and then back...but thanks ofr the credit.It is going very well, but a liiiiitle bit too busy for that !! hahaha )

Check your local press for more details soon !


Chicago Heights, Illinois, United States #600691

My mother worked for this James Fern loser, YEARS ago and when she didn't respond to his

advances, he got rid of her. Nearly ruined her life !

I hear he wrecked a home and married someone else's wife? is it true?

Just checking, are you the Richard Gartland from "TheBeers" ? Just trying to connect some dots

here, we all know how these things go. You guys are NOTORIOUS for covering your tracks and each


I obviously don't know you, but do we really have to even go there? "The Beers", Brittex, Ferns'

Cross ? Potatoes, Potatoes...?? Same, same as people say !

Checked out your Daniel van Niekerk friend on Youtube, and google, and well...everywhere else for

that matter, hard to miss. Not quite what I would call an operator. He seems to help a lot of

people, I checked some forums...comments, nothing negative other than in here...well, big

surprise coming from a competitor, and "thebeers" of all people, or should we NOT be surprised?

What is he then supposedly 'blacklisted' for? No doubt thanks to Fern I would imagine...and then

probably same reasons as my mother ie for leaving the Church of Fern? What a freakin joke dude !

This Fern cat is a conniving operator. He LIED to immigration giving false testimony as to why he

cancelled my mothers work permit (isn't that plain illegal?) gross labour law violations for

starters (Mr law-breaker)...and oh yes, she couldn't DO anything because he did not PAY HER !!!(

a mother with a child to support !)

That's JUST from the little bit I know about him. Honey drips from his mouth my mother says...he

a very convincing LIAR and I believe her 100%!

And he does what?? Blacklist ex-staff?? He's a lawbreaker, home wrecker, (my mother never paid

taxes in Botswana so he's probably evading local taxes as well !) Curious what a full audit will

reveal about that boiler room.

I would encourage Daniel to speak out, in fact...I'm going to get a hold of him. Daniel, I'll hit

your inbox brother, we have to do something about this guy and expose him for what he is.

Anyone believing a WORD of what James Fern manages to barf out would be VERY wise to have their

facts checked.

If its ANYTHING like what happened to my mother (and these Fern types are serial offenders),

there's a very interesting and newsworthy story to tell.


What a load of *** this is... Quite blatantly written by their ex employee, a certain youtube friendly Daniel Van Niekerk, who is blacklisted from several of the offshore providers!


Without prejudice:-

I just wanted to make it clear that I have nothing to do with this complaint or its contents.

I have worked for Southern Cross and although we've had our differences, this account does not accurately depict James Fern or Southern Cross.

Best to contact the company directly and work out any issues. Anyone who is REALLY unhappy can get another financial adviser, its fairly simple.No need to go ape about the whole thing, stuff happens !

Botswana, Gaborone


Dumela R'ra,

:sigh My thots also about these guys, eish.

I can not belief how that man tok to his staff. I know about one lady that used to work, and that boss man James Fen, he told that girl to F___off when she want to leav that company.

I don;t like that Southren Cross people. Only that one Pastor who work there is a good man of God. Why is he still there I dont know why.


Eish, these guys are not orite !!

They fors you to make the einvestment, eish and when you can not paye then you have too much trouble. That British man, ei that man is very rude who is da boss.

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